candles & diffusers

+ gift boxes

At no 46, we have a large selection of hand poured candles made by us. All of our candles and diffusers are vegan.

The scented candles are made with natural plant wax. Our diffusers are made with a high quality aromatic oil blended with a natural vegetable oil-derived, alcohol and glycol free base.

The containers are made from sustainable materials such as glass and metal. We can reuse and recycle them if you bring them back after you've used them. Our gift boxes are made from paper and cardboard.

Our diffusers come in glass amber jar bottles with a black plastic recyclable lid or a glass clear jar with a recyclable metal lid

We have a large selection of different scents suiting everyones taste. If you're interested, please send us an email to see what scents we have left in stock.

reed diffusers 150ml

£15.00 each inc reeds

lab glass candles 250ml & 500ml

£16.50 & £26.50

These scented candles come in an amazing laboratory glass that can be used after burning shown in the picture below. We also sell these glasses in different shapes and sizes.

They have a very long burn time of 55 and 70 hours. They make the perfect gift. See our gift boxes with these in below.

Please send me an email to enquire about what scents we have in stock. 

amber jar candles 180ml


The amber jar candles are our most popular. They come in a glass jar with a plastic recyclable lid. If you bring one of these jars back once they've been used, we will give you £1 off your next one. We're trying to reuse containers to be more sustainable. Please email us if you're interested about what scents we have in stock.


gift boxes

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Our gift boxes come in two sizes which are £3.00 and £4.00. We also sell a box just for the reed diffusers. They come with black shredded tissue.

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FullSizeRender (14).jpeg

Our matches come in two sizes that are £4.00 and £6.00. They go perfectly in our gift boxes. They have striking paper on the bottom of the jar. You can choose from our colours of white, grey and black tips with either natural or black sticks. The bottle is made from glass.